7 Lesser-Known Writing Tools for Students

Technology’s development has proven to be very beneficial to students. Thanks to technology, students have access to much information, can balance their studies and other responsibilities much better, and accomplish nearly everything from home. Many tools and services have been created to make our lives easier and to aid students in their academic work.

For example, you have the potential to enhance your academic performance using study apps, master the art of writing flawless essays with guidance from the Best Websites That Write Essays For You or learn effective planning using time-management tools. Academic writing is deemed one of the most challenging tasks, mainly accounting for the struggles students face in its completion. This piece aims to introduce you to various writing tools intentionally designed to help you with academic writing and advance your writing proficiency.


Out of the various impressive Google extensions, Jamboard is one particularly beneficial for your scholarly writing. The primary concept of Jamboard is to aid in the mapping and progress of your writing concepts. Furthermore, you can utilize “sticky notes” to facilitate brainstorming and structuring your ideas, making it an impeccable tool for prewriting tasks. Broadly speaking, Jamboard serves your needs in two distinct ways.

Firstly, the platform aids you in generating innovative and enlightening ideas. Writing assignments can be arduous, leading to exhaustion or seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This is the reason for the creation of this tool. It works by initiating any kind of non-specific question. Based on the nature of the question, each concept that pops into your head is written on a sticky note. Moreover, the color, size, and sequence of these notes are entirely subjective and up to your personal choice.

Secondly, using Jamboard facilitates the expansion of thoughts on a specific subject. Initially, you need to establish the primary concept. After this, you should create color-coded sticky notes representing this main idea. Lastly, you need to note the supporting details for this central idea on sticky notes of another color.

Calmly Writer

This tool was crafted to assist individuals who struggle with focusing on writing and cease editing. Calmly Writer does not feature an array of tools like those in Google Docs or MS Word. However, this can be advantageous as you won’t be bothered by complex buttons that underline errors.

The fundamental aspect of writing is to maintain a smooth flow. However, continuous editing and correcting mistakes can disrupt this flow. Therefore, Calmly Writer assists you in focusing on your composition, free of distractions. Before beginning, you can adjust settings such as font size, choose between a light or dark background, and even select whether to have background noise (such as ASMR or typewriter sounds) or to write in silence.

Whenever you transition from one paragraph to another, you’ll observe that the preceding sections become less prominent. Consequently, your attention will begin shifting to the newer concepts, advancing your writing process. After completion, your work can be stored in Google Drive and downloaded as documents in the subsequent available formats:

  • Text
  • HTML
  • Word Document

Write More

Write More is another application designed to aid focus, maintain momentum, and eliminate distractions. This innovative tool initiates your work by inquiring about your preferred settings, encompassing theme, font size, style, and background color. It also brings a unique feature – it presents you with inventive writing prompts and sends out reminders via email or text messages at predetermined times throughout the day.

Write More is akin to Google Docs in its functionalities, such as a word count monitor and automatic saving ability. Every written document is conserved as a separate page, facilitating easy access whenever you employ the tool. The distinguishing feature of this software is its analytics capability. Upon completion of writing, you can ascertain the volume of content you’ve generated over days. By monitoring this process, it aids in improving your focus and bolsters your motivation to continue writing.


When authoring extensive volumes of text, it’s fairly common to experience a dip in creativity or even overlook essential word pairings. Furthermore, occasionally it becomes challenging to locate the perfect word to complement a sentence. Visuwords is an application specifically built to enhance your creativity and aid you in finding appropriate words for your context.

While this application can be used at no cost, it does accept contributions. If you find the tool helpful, ponder over contributing a nominal amount.

If you input any word into the search bar, Visuwords gives you the definition and examples of how to use the word. Additionally, it illustrates how this word is connected to other words and ideas. Each of these is assigned a specific color.

  • Blue stands for a noun
  • Orange stands for an adjective
  • Green stands for a verb
  • Red stands for an adverb

In a tree-like structure, synonyms diverge from the original word. A combination of dotted and solid lines allows us to identify the links between verb groups.

The Hemingway App

If you are aiming to provide a flawless and easily understandable essay, you should consider using The Hemingway app. This application was designed to analyze your text and assign a readability score. The lesser the assigned score, the simpler it is to understand your essay. Furthermore, it alerts you to an overuse of certain elements.

  • Having an excessive number of adjectives can make your paper seem less powerful.
  • Hard-to-read sentences
  • The paragraph recommends using active voice as it delivers your message with greater authority, as opposed to using passive voice.
  • Adverbs
  • Very hard-to-read sentences

Furthermore, it provides straightforward options for complex expressions you’ve used. Another two benefits of this tool are its user-friendliness and it is entirely free. You can utilize the tool from any device, making The Hemingway App an ideal student resource.


As previously stated, the stream of thoughts and ideas is paramount. However, we cannot disregard the importance of proper grammar. The tasks of editing and proofreading often demand a great deal of time and involve intricate processes. Following the strenuous phase of creating your work, you must dedicate additional time to identify errors and verify that punctuation is utilized accurately.

When we are deeply involved and become swept up in our work, we often make numerous errors related to punctuation, spelling, and content clarity. Sadly, the autocorrect features in platforms like Google Docs or MS Word are less versatile than Grammarly. This tool allows you to spot all the errors you’ve made with just a single click. Upgrading to the premium version will enhance your writing, providing you with:

  • Full-sentence rewrites
  • Word choice
  • Tone suggestions
  • Plagiarism detection

To Wrap It Up

Utilizing the aforementioned tools, the stress associated with writing a paper will be a thing of the past. Rather than dreading the process, you may find yourself enjoying it, and could potentially produce an outstanding piece of work.

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