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All in One Plus KR 179 Lycamobile Plan For Denmark

When we are using any cell phone network the first things comes in our mind, Is this providing economical plans in which we can easily spend the rest of month, there are no hidden charges, Plus how much we can get from the plan like SMS, Calling minutes, or Fast internet GBs.


These are the main points, by keeping these points we are going to present the most economical mobile network Lycamobile. This network provides you the best plans across the world. But this time we are discussing the specifically Denmark.

Lycamobile providing best plans in Denmark, All in One Plus is one of them you can get this plan only on Kr 179/30 days.

All in One Plus

All in one Plus plan by the Lycamobile for Denmark users. You can get this plan only on Kr 179/30 days, This plan includes 60 GB Data, 10 hours talk time, Free Indian SMS, Free Lyca to Lyca Calls, EU Roaming with data sharing.

Plan All in One Plus
Price Kr 179.00
Data 60 GB
Talk Time 10 Hours Talk Time (Including Denmark & 60 other countries).
SMS Free Indian SMS
Unlimited Calls Lyca to Lyca
EU Roaming
data Sharing

All in One Plus KR 179 Lycamobile Plan For Denmark

Terms and Conditions

As of September 21, 2017, it is possible for anyone who owns one or more talk time packages to use these in EU and EEA countries. As a customer, you should be aware that is the limit on how much of your package you can use outside of Denmark if you have an All in One 99,149 or 199 packages. All in One 99 allows 5GB data consumption in the EU and EEA countries per. 30 days, while All in One149 allows 7.25GB of data.

All in One 199 allows you to use 9.75 GB of data per 30 days abroad. All in One Plus allows consumption in the EU and EEA countries a total of 9.75 GB of data per 30 days. If your consumption in the EU lands outside Denmark, over a period of 4 consecutive months, your consumption in Denmark exceeds. We will let you know, and from there, charge the standard national talk time rates. No EU calls will be charged according to the standard roaming texts.

The EU and EEA services target customers who travel on holiday, travel on small trips. NOTE: Your SIM card must be activated in Denmark for packages and products to work according to the above descriptions abroad

Note:  Under EU law, Lycamobile must also allow the national surcharge to EU / EEA countries while roaming. Customers can apply the national and international supplement to EU / EA roaming EU / EEA countries. Other than EU / EEA calls / SMS will be charged as standard PAYG, although the talk time package is subject to international min (eg call to India will be charged as PAYG).

Data sharing: Network sharing is allowed on Lycamobile networks for all talk time packages, and there is no limit to the amount of data that can be shared in Denmark. Please note that network sharing is not supported when customers are roaming.


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