Elevate Your Beach Style: Shopping for Plus-Size Swimwear

Are you new to shopping for plus-size bathers and feeling overwhelmed by the available options? You’re not alone. Finding the perfect swimwear can be a daunting task, but fear not – here is a guide to help you through the essential steps to make the right choice when selecting the ideal Tankini for your body type and personal style.

Know Your Body Shape

Before you start your search for the perfect tankini, it’s essential to understand your body shape. Plus-size bodies come in various forms, and the key to finding flattering swimwear is knowing how to highlight your best features. Here are some common body shapes and tips for choosing the right tankini:

Hourglass: If you have an hourglass figure with well-defined curves, look for tankinis that accentuate your waist. High-waisted bottoms and fitted tops work wonders to emphasise your natural shape.

Pear-Shaped: Pear-shaped bodies typically have narrower shoulders and wider hips. Opt for tankini tops with interesting necklines and bottoms with moderate coverage to balance your proportions.

Apple-Shaped: Apple-shaped bodies carry weight around the midsection. To create a slimming effect, go for tankinis with ruching or shirring around the tummy area. A supportive top with an underwire or built-in cups will provide the necessary lift and support.

Rectangle: If your body has a rectangular shape with a similar bust, waist, and hip measurement, you have a great canvas to experiment with various tankini styles. Look for options with patterns, ruffles, or bold colours to add visual interest.

Choosing the Right Tankini Style

Once you’ve identified your body shape, it’s time to explore different tankini styles. Tankinis come in a wide range of designs, and understanding which style suits you best can make a difference. Here are some popular tankini styles to consider:

Halter Neck Tankini: Halter neck tankinis provide excellent bust support and create an elegant look. They often feature adjustable straps for a customised fit.

V-Neck Tankini: V-neck tankinis are universally flattering as they elongate the neckline and draw attention upward. They are an excellent choice for accentuating your upper body.

Blouson Tankini: Blouson tankinis offer a relaxed and flowy fit around the waist while providing coverage and support. They are perfect if you prefer a looser feel.

High-Neck Tankini: High-neck tankinis are stylish and offer extra sun protection for your chest area. They are an excellent choice for active beachgoers.

Bandeau Tankini: Bandeau tankinis come with a strapless top that provides a seamless tan line. They are ideal to avoid visible tan lines on your shoulders.

Selecting the Right Size

Choosing the correct size for plus-size swimwear is crucial for comfort and style. Don’t be tempted to size down; it will provide a more flattering look. Instead, opt for your true size or consider going up a size for a comfortable fit.

Support and Comfort

Support and comfort are essential factors in selecting the perfect tankini. Look for pieces with built-in bras, underwire, or adjustable straps to support your bust. Additionally, ensure that the swimwear offers a comfortable and secure fit without digging into your skin.

Pattern and Colour

While black is a timeless classic, don’t avoid patterns and colours that can add vibrancy and personality to your swimwear. Bold prints, florals, stripes, and bright hues can all contribute to a stylish and eye-catching look.

Shopping Online

Buying plus-size bathers online has always been challenging, with many retailers offering a wide range of options. Read customer reviews, check the sizing chart, and don’t hesitate to contact customer support if you have any questions about fit or style.

In conclusion, finding the perfect plus-size Tankini is about understanding your body shape, choosing the right style, and prioritising support and comfort. By following these steps and embracing your unique style, you’ll be ready to hit the beach or pool in your fabulous tankini confidently.

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