How to Do London Like a Local

Ever dreamt of ditching the tourist trail and experiencing London like a true local? Well, here are some tips for navigating the capital city with an insider’s savvy. As a Londoner born and bred, I’ve got the lowdown on how to soak in the culture, food, nightlife, and everything in between just like we do.

Forget waiting in queues with hordes of visitors and elbowing your way onto the tube at rush hour. This is how you can have an authentic London experience, discover hidden gems, and make the city your own personal playground. From unbeatable brunches to eclectic nightspots, and parks to get lost in, London has so much more to offer than the usual landmarks. Ready to dive in and do London like a local? Here’s where the real adventure begins, so get started with your UK passport renewal online.

Avoid the Tourist Traps – Explore Local London Neighborhoods

Avoid the typical tourist haunts and discover London like a local. Some of the city’s best-kept secrets are in its eclectic neighborhoods, each with a distinct personality.

Camden Town

This bustling area in North London is a haven for music lovers, foodies, and anyone looking to soak in the city’s grungy-cool vibe.  Stroll through the Camden Lock Market to find everything from handmade crafts to punk fashion. Refuel at one of the casual eateries along the canal serving street food from around the globe. Catch an intimate live music show at a pub like The Dublin Castle.


East London’s Shoreditch draws trendsetters and creatives. Once a rundown warehouse district, it’s now filled with hip restaurants, bars, and music venues. Start your day browsing the stalls at Brick Lane Market, then grab lunch at a curry house on the lane itself. In the evening, hit a club to dance the night away or just bar hop along Old Street.


South London’s Brixton offers a vibrant mix of cultures in a gritty, up- and-coming area. Take in the buzzing scene at Brixton Village and Market Row, with diverse food, shops, and nightlife. Check out a show at the legendary Brixton Academy music venue. Or simply wander the streets lined with Victorian houses and street art.

Talk to Locals – Learn Insider Tips and Hidden Gems

Talking to locals is the best way to discover London’s hidden gems and get insider tips for your trip. Ask bartenders, shopkeepers, or just strike up a conversation with someone at the next table over fish and chips. Locals love sharing their city with visitors.

Speak to cab drivers and Uber drivers

Cab drivers spend their days exploring the city, so ask them for their favorite spots or recommendations on where to eat. They’ll likely suggest places off the tourist track. Uber drivers often live in London, so they know all the trendy new bars, cafes, and events.

Shop owners are in-the-know

The folks working at independent shops, especially in hip neighborhoods like Shoreditch or Brixton, will have great tips on where you can experience real London culture. Ask them for a lunch spot where they like to eat or a nearby park that’s popular with locals.

With an open and curious mindset, you’ll discover London’s local side in no time. The Brits are known for being reserved, but they do open up and love to chat, especially about their favorite places in London.

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