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Lycamobile Internet Access Frequently Asked Questions

These days the world’s become a global village due to the internet, We can see live people from different parts of the world. All this happens due to internet availability in ur smartphones. So the most important thing you need to consider before choosing any mobile network, Internet access in your area. Here are the questions and the answers that you need to consider when you are using Lycamobile.

What is my PIN number during settings?

You can either enter “0000” or “1234”.

Is a username and password mandatory?

Username and password is no mandatory you can ignore that option.

Can I get the settings in my email so I can do it myself?

Yes, please call us on 322 with a valid email address and we will be able to send the settings to the requested email address.

Do I have to manually input settings on my handset to access the internet?

It’s all depend on your handset the settings will vary. For most phones, you will automatically receive the settings, which you will have to save for it to work. You can manually choose the settings for your specific handset model by visiting our Mobile Web Settings page. If you want other method you need to call Lycamobile customer service center on 0207 132 0322 from any network or 322 from your Lycamobile number.

Will I be able to access data in 4G?

It’s completely depend on your handset and the area (location) where you want to access 4G.

Will I be able to use the Lycamobile Internet on my Blackberry or dongle?

No, at the moment we are not able to provide Lycamobile internet on Blackberry or dongle.

Will I be able to access the Internet while roaming?

No, We don’t provide internet access while you are using roaming.

Why am I unable to access the internet even though I have a data plan active?

You need to ensure that your mobile data and data roaming are on and also check the manual settings by visiting our website.

Why do I get messages for GPRS settings?

This type of message will receive when you change or reset your mobile set, Once you complete this process all these messages will stop.

Can I use VoIP Services on my Lycamobile?

If you want to use VoIP services you need to have smart phones with 4G compatible. After that you have to download Lycachat for free to day to send texts, video calls and send photos and video messages over WiFi, 3G or 4G free of charge.

My internet has stopped working. What should I do?

First you need to ensure you have enough data allowance or sufficient balance available on your phone. You can always find out the exact leftover allowance on your Lycamobile account by dialling *137# and then pressing call. If the problem persists, please contact our friendly Customer Services team on 322 from any Lycamobile.


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