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Lycamobile Australia APN Settings For Android & iPhone/iPad

Lycamobile Australia APN Settings

Lycamobile is a world’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator that is providing services in 22 countries around the globe. Lycamobile Australia is providing Pay-As-You-Go SIM Cards for the customers who want to call on international destinations. Lyca also provides internet services for Australian users. There is a different range of services including Lycatel calling cards, LycaChat, LycaTalk, and internet services, etc.

Lycamobile has more than 16 million users in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, India, Italy, Norway, Romania, Sweden, UK, USA, and Switzerland. Lycamobile network frequency for the 3G network is UMTS 850 MHz and for the 4G network, LTE Band 28 700. The network frequencies for 3G and 4G vary countrywide. In some regions, it is LTE band 3 1800, LTE Band 7 2600 and LTE Band 1 2100.

Lycamobile APN Settings For Internet & MMS

If you are Lycamobile user, you need to configure a different APN Setting to use the internet and MMS services of the company. You need to put them into your device accurately as they are given below. Try to put the settings in the correct case and correct order. Make sure you are typing “HTTP” as “HTTP.” If I have given “HTTP” and you type it “http” or “Http,” it is wrong, and you would be unable to access the internet. So, be careful while you are typing the setup strings in the given boxes and put the information in the right case.

Category Settings
username  imau
Password plus
APN Type default,supl

Lycamobile APN Settings For Android

If you are Android user with Lycamobile SIM Card. You need to use internet and MMS service, For this you need to put Lycamobile APN settings in it correctly. Here we are providing the best and easy way of APN Setting for Lycamobile Android users in Australia for Android 9 Pie version. Moreover if you are using  If you are using any other Android version like Android 7 Nougat, Android 8 Oreo or Android 5 Lollipop, etc., you need to contact your ISP to get the APN settings according to your device version.

Lycamobile Android APN Settings For Internet & MMS

  1. Go to the “Settings” in your handset and select the “Connection” category from here.
  2. Tap the “Mobile networks” to move ahead.
  3. You will see the “Access Point Names” category here. Select it and tap the “ADD” option available on the right top corner of the window.
  4. Now add the following settings.
Category Lycamobile 1
Username Imau
Password Plus
MMS Proxy  
MMS Port  
Authentication Type  
APN type default,supl
APN protocol IPv4
APN roaming protocol  IPv4
Bearer Unspecified
APN PPP Phone number  

After that you need to restart your mobile phone, Now the internet is accessible on your Android phone.

Lycamobile APN Settings For IOS Devices

Here we are going to describe all the initial steps of APN Settings for iOS 12. If you are using another version of iOS like iOS 10, iOS 11 or iOS 8. You need to consult with your Internet Service Provider to get the correct APN Settings. The users of iOS 12 can use the APN Settings in their devices to access the internet.

Lycamobile APN Settings For Internet IOS Devices

Go to the “Settings” in your iOS device and select “Cellular” category from the list.

You need to make sure your mobile data is Enabled. Tap the “Cellular Data Options” and select “Cellular Data Network” from here. Now, you need to select “Cellular Data” and add the information given below.

Category Settings
Username Imau
Password plus

Lycamobile APN Settings For MMS IOS Devices

Here we are going to describe step by step Lycamobile APN settings IOS Devices for MMS. You need to leave blank APN, Username, and Password. After that move to the MMS section and type the following information in the given boxes.

Category Settings
Username Imau
Password plus
MMS Proxy  
MMS Max Message Size 1048576

After following these table steps you need to press “Home” key to save the APN Settings you recently entered. Reboot your device to apply changes. Now, you can access the internet. 

Lycamobile APN Settings For Windows

If you are using windows operating system and need to activate Lycamobile APN Settings, There are simple steps for this option, iknow this is bit different from others, but we will keep it simple for you here we are going to put all the simple steps for you Lycamobile Australia customers.

Lycamobile APN Settings For MMS & Internet Windows 10

  1. Move to the “Apps list” in your Windows device and select “Settings” from there.
  2. Tap the “Network & Wireless” category from the list.
  3. Here, you will see the option “Cellular & SIM” in this section. Tap this option to move ahead.
  4. Now, in “Cellular” category, tap the SIM Card you are using and select “Properties” from here.
  5. In the “Internet APN” section, select “ADD” to add the new APN settings.
  6. Type the APN settings given below.
Category Settings
Profile Name Lycamobile A
User name Imau
Password plus
Type of sign-in info  
IP type IPv4
Enable Enter your mobile operator here
Proxy server URL  
Proxy port  

After completing all these option press save button after that you need to restart your device to enjoy free internet access.

Lycamobile APN Settings For Ubuntu

This time we are going to describe Lycamobile APN settings for Ubuntu users. The settings you have used in Android, Windows or Firefox will not work in Ubuntu OS. Find below the APN Settings for your Ubuntu OS to access the internet.

Lycamobile Ubuntu OS APN Settings For Internet

  1. Go to the “Network” category and select “Cellular Settings’ from here.
  2. You need to select the “Carrier & APN” category from the list.
  3. Turn on the mobile data.
  4. Tap the “APN” section and add the following settings in it.
Category Settings
Internet APN
Username Imau
Password plus
Protocol IPv4

You need to save these option before you want to enjoy internet surfing.

Lycamobile APN Settings For Firefox OS

Some users want to configure APN Settings for their Firefox OS. If you are using Lycamobile internet services on Firefox OS from Australia, you need to configure the following APN Settings in it to access the internet. You need to confirm the data connection is Enabled in your device. Now move to the below section to add new APN Settings.

Lycamobile Firefox OS APN Settings For Internet

  1. Go to the “Settings” in your Firefox device and select Cellular & Data category.
  2. Now, scroll down the list of category and select Data Settings option from the list.
  3. Add the following APN Settings.
Category Settings
Identifier Imau
Passowrd plus

After all that steps you need to save all these changes and restart your device for enjoying internet access.

Lycamobile APN Settings For BlackBerry

Well this time we are going to describe Lycamobile APN Settings for BlackBerry in Australia. You cannot use the APN settings used for other OS. Here, I am listing the APN Settings for BlackBerry devices. You can add the following settings in the given places. Make sure the string is correct. The correct case also matters a lot in it.

Lycamobile BlackBerry APN Settings For Internet

  1. Swipe down from the top to view the Settings in your BlackBerry device while remaining on the Home screen.
  2. Tap the “Settings” and go to the Network Connections category.
  3. Select the option Mobile Network and tap the APN that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Category Settings
Username Imau
Password plus

Press the save button to save settings. Restart your BlackBerry to apply the changes.


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