Moneyline betting and how to play safely

Play Moneyline bet With high popularity and popularity, partly because it is easy and simple to play, people really like this type of bet. Betting doesn’t require much in terms of playing technique. If you want to learn and find more opportunities to make money, don’t miss the attractive content of 6789BET below.

What is Moneyline betting?

This is a type of bet on the player. Unlike other bets, the odds will change according to the strength of each side. The team that has the advantage and is stronger will have a smaller win rate, and the team with weaker strength will have a high win rate. Moneyline bets at different bookmakers will offer different odds. At the same time, during the match, the odds may also change and be continuously updated.

Moneyline Betting Played quite commonly in all disciplines sport, and it’s easy to play, easy to win, and you can win a lot. The player’s job is to choose accordingly, then getting money into their pocket becomes simpler than ever.

With Moneyline betting in basketball, when placing bets, you need to calculate the teams’ odds and evaluate the importance of the matches. In important matches, the team with the highest rating will prevail, ensuring the final result. When playing, you can bet on half the match, the end of the match or the first part of the match.

As for Moneyline bets in tennis, the difference in odds is quite large. When two players have a large difference in level or stability, it will usually end for the player with the upper hand. When playing with a handicap, the upper team has a high chance of winning, while the over/under bet is also considered good. In larger tournaments, the ability of bettors to make money also increases many times.

How to play Moneyline odds

In fact, looking at the bonus odds in Moneyline betting also helps you predict which team is stronger. Specifically, for stronger teams, the house will list a bonus rate of only 50 – 70% of the money people bet. On the contrary, if you choose bets that are difficult to win, the amount of bonus you receive can be up to 2 – 20 times your bet.

For example: With a Moneyline bet in the match between team GAM and team Flash in the VCS tournament (Vietnam League of Legends championship). In this match, the house gives team GAM’s bonus odds as 1.42, while team Flash’s bonus odds are 8.1. Because GAM’s reward rate is nearly 8 times lower than Team Flash’s. Therefore, GAM will be the team that is more appreciated and this team will be your perfect choice in this match.

Moneyline is a form of betting that is easy to play and easy to win. However, betting on the stronger team does not always help you win against the house. But above all, everyone’s bets must be based on their betting experience.

Moneyline betting tips and experiences

To help you more when trying Moneyline betting, the following is a summary of experiences from experts. When playing, you can apply one of these tips, or apply it flexibly to zone appropriately, then gradually eliminate it to have suitable betting options.

Check confrontation history

Evaluate the previous competitiveness to get a view on the strength of the two teams. If not, you can find teams with similar strength to compare and have reference data.

Only then can everyone make assumptions about what might happen during the betting process and what the match outcome will be. Then, combined with other knowledge and other betting experiences, you can make a satisfactory final judgment.

Recent performance

A team with a normal performance, nothing special and a team with a good performance, effective strategy, is very easy to evaluate correctly, isn’t it? Therefore, when playing Moneyline or any other bet, everyone must have a realistic assessment of the teams’ ability to win, based on performance.

Performance and evaluation can be learned through recent scoring history. Find out about recent matches, see how they play, and what the spirit is like. But be careful, because many teams will choose to compete in the first round to maintain their strength in the outer round, while entering the inner round to unleash their strength. Therefore, the wider the time period of learning and comparing room measurements, the higher the accuracy is guaranteed.

The strength difference between the two teams

The difference in potential of the two teams is high, so it is clearer to judge which team is likely to score early and score more goals, so choosing which side to bet on will not be too difficult. However, with teams that have similar strengths and are even difficult to distinguish, it can be said that it is very difficult for everyone to choose correctly.

In such cases, everyone must take the time to learn and evaluate. At the same time, choose to play according to the appropriate type of bet, you can follow Moneyline or combine play with many other types of bets, increasing the possibility of profit when the match results are known.


Learning about the starting lineup is also an important tip when playing Moneyline betting. Because at this time, evaluating the members appearing in the squad, or the tactics when playing on the field, will give everyone an overview of the soccer style and predict the results more accurately.

Many teams may favor defense, while others may favor attack. Or you can go two ways, but choose to defend first or attack first and win quickly.

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Some notes when placing Moneyline bets

When betting on moneyline bets, not all matches represent a clear over/under bet. When the teams have equal qualifications, the bookmaker can offer odds like the following example: the match between Switzerland and Argentina.

As you can see, neither team has plus (+) odds because the sportsbook thinks both teams have an almost equal chance of winning the match. However, that doesn’t mean players should toss a coin and bet on luck. People still need to study the factors related to the match to predict the winning team.

Unlike basketball betting, where scoring occurs quite frequently during a match, other sports such as baseball, hockey, and soccer often have low scores. That is why moneyline bets are very popular at bookmakers.

It is common in sports that teams often perform better at home, but there are also teams that excel when playing away from home. Therefore, you need to see whether the recent results at home or away from the teams have an impact on the result of this match or not.

Every sports team experiences ups and downs during a season. No team is undefeated all the time, so you should find out important variables such as the team’s personnel situation, their playing motivation, and their head-to-head records. It’s best to take the last 10 matches.

So here we have finished sharing with everyone about the characteristics of Moneyline betting, as well as notes and playing tips for those who are passionate about betting on football and sports in general. And the above mentioned experiences can be applied to Moneyline betting in many sports, hoping that everyone will have the most interesting moments of experience.

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