The Best ios Apps Worth Paying For

Here at, you can buy cheap gift cards for the Apple store. We recommend you do that if you want to turn your iPhone in a powerful device. Let’s walk you through some of the best paid apps, shall we?


We always need a ‘To Do’ list on our iPhones, and this is one of the best ios apps for it. Not only can you make a ‘to do’ list, but you can give yourself location-based reminders, save photos, spreadsheets, PDFs, track productivity, and more. It is the most expensive to do list on the store (as most a free), but one of the most functional.


We know that this app might not be for everybody but, for us, it is one of the best apps for iphone. With SkySafari, you can point the camera up at the sky and it’ll tell you what stars and constellations you’re looking at. Great for lovers of the night sky, but maybe not so brilliant for those living in well-lit cities where you can’t see anything.


Tired of spam phone calls? Get RoboKiller. If the app detects that you have an incoming spam call (it keeps a database of known robo callers), it will automatically block the call. It costs just $39.99 per year which, honestly, is fantastic value for the reduced hassle that you now need to go through.


Pocket, one of the most useful applications for iphone, can help you to save your open Safari tabs for later browsing. It has unlimited storage, and you can even view the pages offline. So, if you have found a good website while browsing the web and want to read it when there is no phone connection, then give it a download. It will even let you browse through past sites if you’re looking for a particular piece of information. Think of it as an amazing note-taking tool.


This app will let you snap photos of any plant, and then it will tell you what you have. It is perfect for those who are raising their own plants since the app can help you to determine whether your plants have any health problems (and will tell you how to solve them), plus provides reminders and care tips for the plants you have. Incredibly useful!

Need Money for The Apple Store? We Can Help

The above is our summary of the best ios apps that cost money. I believe you have found your favorite apps to buy. Here at, we can help you load up your Apple Store account for less. Go through our range and buy cheap Apple digital gift card for sale today.


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