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Lycamobiel USA Family Plan With Unlimited Talk and Text $45

Lycamobile Brings the new offer for the USA customers, Now you can use Family Plan and add you family member number and get exciting benefits. In this blog, we are going to describe complete information regarding all these features with Lycamobiel USA Family Plan.

Lycamobile USA Family Plan

$45 Family Plan Lycamobile USA

You can get Unlimited Nationwide talk and text, Unlimited data with 10 GB at up to 4G LTE, Unlimited international talk and text to 75+ countries in $45 Family USA Lycamobile Plan.

Plan $45 Family Plan
Nationwide Talk and Text Unlimited
Data Unlimited with 10 GB 4G LTE
International Talk and Text Unlimited *75+ countries*
Price $45

Lycamobile USA Family Plan Lines

There are different options designed by the Lycamobile to help you save more money. You can get 10GB each line at up to 4G LTE unlimited talk and text in 60+ countries.

You can add only parent lyacmobile SIM to the cart when buying a family plan. If you wish to add more lines (Child SIM/Number) than you need to log in your Lycamobile Account.

5 Lines

You can get this option with $125 per month, And save $100 in this way.

5 lines

4 Lines

This option costs you $120 for one month and you can save $60.

4 lines

3 Lines

This option is available at a price of $105 for 1 month. You can save $30 in this option.

3 Lines

2 Lines

This option is available at the price of $80/1-month, and your saving amount is $10.

2 lines

Line Standard Plan Price Discount for the Family Price
Primary Line $45/Month No discount $45
Child 1  $45/Month $10 discount $35
Child 2 $45/Month $20 discount $25
Child 3 $45/Month $30 discount $15
Child 4 $45/Month $40 discount $5

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