What is Baccarat? Game rules, how to play Baccarat well

Baccarat is one of the most fun games out there that has a huge gaming community. Participants were of all ages, genders and countries. In Vietnam, this is also one of the most popular games. Just need to know the rules and good tips Okvip Share below, we guarantee you will win.
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Instructions for playing Baccarat at bookmaker Okvip

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a popular card game in casinos. They are set up with an interface similar to Blackjack and Roulette games. If you are someone who knows these two games, you can definitely play them easily.

Participants will join reputable bookmakers. Here, the dealer will have a deck of cards to deal to the participants. And the player will choose 3 of those cards, calculating the total to the nearest 9 to win.

So you can see, this game is not too complicated, right. If you want to be entertained and have more opportunities to make money, this is the optimal choice. In many places, the game baccarat is also known by names such as Bach Gia Lac, scratch cards. Every name is familiar so gamers are no longer unfamiliar and easy to recognize.

Latest Baccarat rules 2022

Baccarat is easy to play and easy to win, but it’s also easy to miss if you don’t understand the scoring and betting rules below. So, let’s take a few minutes to find out.

How to calculate points in Baccarat

Points are calculated as follows. Cards from 2 to 9 will be calculated by points corresponding to the number on the face of the card. For cards 10, J, Q, K, all are converted to a score of 0. Card A is determined to be 1 point.

After calculating the total of the cards, if the total score exceeds the tens number, you only count the units. For example, if you add up the cards to 15 points, the winning or losing score is 5. If your opponent only gets 1 or 2 points, you will be the winner.

Regulations on betting and payout rates in Baccarat

In Baccarat, you will see 3 places to bet corresponding to the payout rates. In player selection, the payout ratio is usually 1:1. For banker, the bonus rate is usually 1 to 0.95. For a draw, the odds will be 1 to 8.

Based on this rate, you can calculate the total score, bonus conversions as well as come up with strategies on which door to play for sure, to win quickly and play quickly. No matter which door you choose, you need to apply the strategies below to have a chance to win big prizes.

Baccarat playing process

Place a bet

With baccarat, players do not need to worry too much about betting because they are quite simple. On the abacus, 3 doors are set out and the player only needs to bet on Player or Banker, Tie with the corresponding amount. If you are new to the game, choosing Tie will give you the safest playing position. And if you have determined enough and made a wise choice, consider the remaining options and set a reasonable bet.

You should remember, never put all your bets on one bet. Because like that, it’s like you’re throwing all your eggs in one basket. This is quite difficult for those who are just starting out and creates a psychological barrier. This makes you not clear enough to make more accurate decisions. So, please relax your mind by placing moderate bets based on your calculations and abilities. If you keep accumulating small amounts, over time, you will have the opportunity to win big bonuses.
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Distribute the cards

When the betting time ends, the dealer will deal the cards. This card deal is done automatically, randomly, without any arrangement, so you can completely rest assured about transparency. Meanwhile, in many traditional cards, players directly participate in dealing cards, leading to many tricks being circumvented, causing unrealistic results. That’s why in recent years, this baccarat sport has been loved by many people. They not only bring convenience, being able to sit at home and still play, but also minimize magic, creating balance for the participants.

For online baccarat, the dealer will deal the cards. The two decks of cards are dealt to the player and the banker. The number of cards dealt to each side is 2. At the end of the dealing process, the player will turn over the cards and calculate the score.

Rule of drawing a third card

Based on the current number of points, each side has an additional lifeline, which is to draw a third card. If the player or banker gets 8 or 9 points with the first 2 cards, that side is considered a natural winner and You don’t have to draw any more cards. However, if the total points of both sides are equal and to decide, both sides will have the right to draw a third card. The score of this card will determine the win or loss of the sides.

In addition, if the total score of the first hand is dealt, the player only reaches 6 or 7 and has not yet won. To further increase your chances, you can continue to request to draw card number 3. In this case, if you do not want to draw and ask to stop, that is still okay.

As for banker cards, if the total score is 7, the rule will be to stop and not draw more. When the banker’s total score is 1,2,3, you can always draw an additional card number 3. In the remaining cases, all additional draws will be based on the rules from the player’s side as above.


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