What is Football Betting? Popular Types of Soccer Bets You Need to Know

Types of soccer bets are information that everyone needs to know when participating in betting. Each type of bet will have different specific rules and ways of playing. So let’s come along Trang Chủ New88 In this article, you can easily get started with betting!

What is soccer betting?

Soccer betting is a term used in the sport Football Betting. Betting odds in soccer represent the odds between two teams participating in the match against each other. From there, players will rely on the odds offered by the house to place bets.

Currently, in the betting market there are many different types of soccer bets. Therefore, you should carefully learn about the instructions for viewing odds as well as improve your betting experience. From there, you won’t have to struggle when participating and increase your winning rate.

Popular types of soccer bets today you need to know

Down here New88 We will summarize some of the most popular types of bets that many players participate in for your reference. From there, help bettors update their knowledge and choose the right type of bet for themselves. Specifically:

Asian Handicap

This bet is also known by other names such as Handicap bet, Handicap bet. This is one types of ball bets Stone is most commonly used in Asia. On the odds table, Asian handicap is denoted as HDP. This bet will evaluate in detail the relative strength between the two teams.

In Asian odds, the house will analyze to choose a stronger team in the upper bracket and a weaker team in the lower bracket. The upper team will accept the lower team at a certain rate given by the bookmaker.

In case two teams have an equal correlation in strength, the home team will be the superior team. In Asian handicap there will be many different small forms for you to choose from, including:

  • Odds 1/4 (odds 0.25)
  • Odds 1/2 (odds 0.5)
  • Odds 3/4 (odds 0.75)
  • Odds 1 1/4 (odds 1.25)
  • Odds 1 1/2 (odds 1.5)
  • Odds 1 3/4 (odds 1.75)

Each type will have separate bonus rates and regulations. Players must understand and master how to play types of ball bets New Asian stones can enhance your chances of winning.

European odds

In types of ball bets Currently, European odds are the most popular among bettors because the playing method is extremely simple and easy to understand. The symbol of this bet is 1×2, you only need to predict 1 out of 3 bets

  • (1): You bet on the home team to win
  • (x): You bet on 2 teams to draw
  • (2): You bet on the away team to win

Not only that, the bonus rate in this European handicap is also quite high. If you predict the results correctly and place the right bet, you can bring yourself a lot of money.

Over/Under Betting

This is also one of the simplest and easiest to understand types of ball odds. This bet is also known as over/under, Over/Under and is denoted on the odds table as O/U. In Over/Under betting, the house New88 will give a certain number representing the total number of goals in the match. Players will predict whether the actual result will be higher or lower than the benchmark number given by the house. There are 2 ways for players to choose to bet as follows:

  • Over: You bet the total number of goals is greater than the number offered by the bookmaker
  • Under: You bet the total number of goals is less than the number given by the house

Odds shake

Flutter betting is a fairly new genre but has quickly captured the attention of many bettors. Unlike other types of soccer bets, bets on shake bets can only be made when the match has taken place and the time for placing money is limited to a certain period. However, in return, its reward rate is very high, so it is still chosen by many “adventurous” people.

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Bet on penalty cards

Penalty card odds are a type of soccer bet added by bookmakers to help players have more options. Players who play this bet will have to predict how many yellow and red cards will be given by the referee. Besides, there are also a few other types of bets that bettors can bet on such as Over/Under, handicap, first card, last card,…

Score bet

This is one of the types of football bets that has the strongest appeal to many people. The player’s task is to make an accurate prediction about the final match score. Although it is a bit difficult, the reward rate of this bet is extremely large. You only need to spend a small amount and you will be able to bring in a huge amount of bonus money.

So, bookies New88 shared with you the most popular types of soccer bets today. Hopefully this article is useful to help bettors grasp information and easily participate in betting. Please come in often New88 to update more interesting football knowledge!

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