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Lycamobile Airtime Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to transfer credit to your family or someone special for some reason you need to use Airtime Transfer, You can also share another thing except money or credit. Lycamobile is providing Airtime Transfer, Here are all the question and their answers that we get from the customers queries.

How do I transfer credit to my family in another country?

  • If you want to send INR100 to an Indian customer, simply dial **207*0091xxxxxxx (country code followed by 10 digit mobile number) and then *1#.
  • *The number 1 at the end of the code represents the equivalent amount of GBP in your Lycamobile credit and this amount will be debited from your mobile credit.
  • You can also complete an Airtime Transfer using My Lycamobile on our official website

Is there a limit on how much I can transfer to someone using Airtime Transfer?

There is no set limit for the Airtime Transfer. However, since this involves transferring calling credit across countries, certain international laws will be applicable. It will also depend on the usage patterns. Lycamobile reserves the right to block or restrict transactions.

How much does Airtime Transfer cost me?

Well, this is free service from Lycamobile for it’s customers  however, the standard currency exchange rates would apply. You can visist out official website to check the exact value of currency applicable for the country you are trying to transfer credit to.

What is Airtime Transfer?

Lycamobile’s Airtime Transfer service enables you to securely transfer mobile credit from your Lycamobile account to any mobile number in over 50 countries. This means that you can transfer credit to your friends and family abroad, irrespective of whether they are with Lycamobile or not.


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