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Worst Customer Service

Worst customer service. I got a Lycamobile plan for my 1 week holiday and my plan still hasn’t been activated after 4 days. I called customer service 3 times and every time I called them, They promised me that my SIM/plan would be activated in next 24-28 hours. My holiday is almost over and i still can’t use the SIM.

I asked to talk to a supervisor, They hung up. I also got called “Sir” several time and I definitely do not sound like a man. I opted in for the customer satisfaction survey which was meant to follow right after the calls, but I guess the call agents manually opted me out as I wasn’t very happy with their service.


Hector The Man

The customer service (Via Twitter) is absolutely amazing. Hector is really helpful and gets things stored ASAP.

Thanks again, Hector.

review 3

Best Customer Service

Best customer service. I got to speak to one of their team who sorted out my issue straight away. Very good national plus plan. Unlimited calls/texts 2g data +100mns international for £10!!

review 4

Worst company, Cheat with customers

Worst company, cheat with customers. I recharged my number and activate plan- keep your number for I come back home from holiday my number, not in work.



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