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Lycamobile Coverage and Services

If you are Lycamobile user or want to check the coverage of network in your area? Then there is no need to worry Lycamobile is providing their customers with a complete info about their areas where they can easily check the 2G, 3G and 4G coverage at the same time. You just need to enter your location along with postcode and double click on the map. There is another good feature is that you can also enter 2 postcodes and check 2 locations coverage like your home or your work.

Check Your Lycamobile Coverage

If you are a Lycamobile user and want to check Coverage and Services in your area. You just need to follow simple steps.

  • Check what the coverage is like-in the areas you need it.
  • See the 2G, 3G, 4G coverage at the same time.
  • Enter an address or postcode, or double click at a point on the map to start a search.
  • You can check more than one postcode or town so why not check both work and home.
  • Adjust a search by dropping a search pin.
  • Blue means good coverage indoors and outdoors, while beige mean only good outdoor coverage.

Lycamobile Coverage Map

Discover the strength of Lycamobile’s network coverage (Signals), where it matters most to you like you need the most, with our handy regional coverage map. By navigating around and zooming into our map of the UK, you can now accurately judge the quality of signal and data reception and its strength across the British Isles. We’re confident; now you can be too.

Using Your Coverage Map

To get the best local information regarding signal strength in your area, simply enter your postcode or town name into the field below and click enter. Alternatively, you can manually navigate the map by clicking, dragging and zooming around the interface (if you’re using a mobile or tablet device, you can use the pinch—to—zoom function to zoom in and out).

Lycamobile Coverage Map


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