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Lycamobile Italy Lycaworld Bundles € 5.00-€ 10.00

Lycamobile is providing best calling rates in Italy and all around the world from Italy. It mean’s you can enjoy best calling rates national and international. This is the best option if you want to call in Italy and other countries with Italy Lycaworld bundles.

Italy Lycaworld Bundles

Italy Lycaworld S Bundle

Lycamobile Italy has Lycaworld bundles with best national and international calling rates, We have on the first Lycaworld S Bundle with Unlimited lyca Italy numbers, 300 lyca international numbers excluding Tunisia. There is another option in this lycaworld bundle which is 75 international lyca minutes in Tunisia, Unlimited Lyca texts in Italy on Lycamobile numbers along with EU Roaming. All these interesting features are available at the price of €5.00 for 30 days.

Bundle Lycaworld S
Lyca Italy Minutes Unlimited
International Minutes 75 Minutes (Tunisia)
Texts Unlimited (Italy)
EU Roaming  
Validity 30 Days
Price € 5.00

Existing Customers

Dial *139*16200# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 16200 to 3535.

Lycamobile Italy Lycaworld M Bundle

Lycaworld M Bundle has Unlimited minutes to Lycamobile in Italy, 1000 worldwide minutes in Lycamobile numbers from Italy. On second option 250 international minutes from Italy to Tunisia, Unlimited Lyca texts in Italy with EU Roaming. All these features available at the price of € 10.00 for 30 days

Bundle Lycaworld M
Lyca Italy Minutes Unlimited
International Minutes 1000 Minutes (Tunisia)
Texts Unlimited (Italy)
International Minutes 250 mins
EU Roaming  
Validity 30 Days
Price € 10.00

For Existing customer

Dial *139*16500# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 16500 to 3535

Terms and Conditions

Lycaworld bundles can be used to call from the Italy all the Lycamobile numbers in the world. Other usage will be charged at a standard rate. Allowance is valid for 30 days only including the day of purchase. Only one bundle per 30 days period may be allowed. All bundles are subject to auto renewal up on expiry of each bundles, therefore customers should require to keep the minimum amount, unless it’s been cancelled by dialling *190#. The minutes to all the Lycamobile numbers in Tunisia are limited (see bundle description). In case of calls to Lycamobile numbers in Tunisia and to other Lycamobile numbers in the world, the number of used minutes will be calculated in the following way: 1 minute to a Lycamobile number in Tunisia is equivalent to 4 minutes to other Lycamobile numbers in the world. 

The calls to all the Lycamobile numbers in Tunisia are not allowed for the numbers ported to Lycamobile from other Operators. Any unused allowance after the validity period will not be carried forward. If you have purchased more than one bundle type, allowances will be deducted from the first bundle purchased. Promotional credit cannot be used to buy the bundles. The bundles are for non-commercial, private, personal use only.

Lycamobile reserve the right to amend or vary the terms of this promotion, or to withdraw this plan at any time on reasonable notice. Any illegal, misuse or unethical activity will result in immediate suspension of the service or the activities that considered as illegitimate usage will result in barring the service. The customer is required to use the offer in a lawful manner, in good faith and fairness and must refrain from achieving benefits different from those related to the normal use of the offer for interpersonal communication. Unless of other evidences, it is presumed a use, in accordance with good faith, that doesn’t exceed every 30 days:

• 10,000 minutes of calls • 10,000 SMS

For more information or if you require any support with this offer please contact our customer service team on 40322 (call charges may apply).


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