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Lycamobile Pay As You Go 4G Data Plan & UK Plan GIGA

Lycamobile Pay As You Go here is the complete detail and information about the 4G network of the Lycamobile. Why we should need to join this 4G network.

Why Do We Need to Chose Lycamobile 4G Network?

Data plan in all your bundles as well as Pay As You Go data can be used at 4G super fast speed with no extra charges. This is completely bassed to monitor mobile internet and data precisely. Allowing super fast and more reliable connection in all around the world where data using is increasing 250% year on year.

Lycamobile Pay As You Go 4G Data Plan & UK Plan GIGA

Why 4G Prefer on 3G

We every one knows a 4G network is way batter and faster than a 3G network, you can do a thing with the help of 4G easily within just minutes, on the other hand, the 3G network takes time and slow in speed too. Why people prefer 4G networks there are many reasons for example if you are travelling and want to know the exact location of your destination at that time 4G network will help you to find your desired place on google map as compared to the 3G network takes time and did not load things properly.

For the typical Lycamobile user, download speeds of 4G could be around 5-7 times quicker vs. your existing 3G on Lycamobile. This means a music album taking 20 minutes to download on a 3G phone and just over 3 minutes on 4G.

How To Enable 4G Network on your Lycamobile?

4G/ 4G Lite requires best or compatible device (Cell phone). When you buy a new cell phone there is no need to change your Lycamobile sim or settings. Mostly smartphones easily connect to the 4g service of the network, but sometimes you need to do setting by connecting to the Lycamobile customer care service operator.


In this plan, you will get 30 GB Data, Unlimited UK Minutes, Unlimited UK Texts, EU Roaming.

Home data allowance can be used in EU/EEA roaming. There are no data caps between EU roaming and home.”30 GB data when you buy the bundle otherwise 25GB.


£17.50 Before this Plan £ 35.00

For 30 Days

Unlimited UK Min
Unlimited UK SMS
30 GB Data
EU Roaming


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