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How to Top Up Lycamobile UK Numbers

There is no need to worry if you want to top-up your lycamobile number from the UK. In this blog we provide you the complete information related to the online recharge if you are using Lycamobile UK number.

In this blog you will get all the information about Lycamobile UK Numbers top-up, Moreover you will also get information regarding to the customer care center or your balance inquiry.

Lycamobile Top-Up Online UK Number

You can buy easily your Lycamobile top-up vouchers and stay connected with your family and friends. This is the easiest way to top up your lyca uk number from online. Here are the simple steps you need to follow them to top-up your number in the UK.

Choose an amount to send

  • You need to select the latest bundle and plans available in your network.

Enter the number to top-up

  • After that you just need to enter your wireless lycamobile number.

Select your payment method

After entering your Lycamobile number for online top up and within a few moments you will get your top-up.

Lyca Top Up Vouchers

These vouchers allows you to top up the credit/recharge on your Lycamobile phone whenever you need to use. Vouchers are the combination of digital codes that are sent you on your mail id. 

How to send Lycamobile Top-Up Voucher to your Friends and Family

This is the best option for example if you want to send Lycamobile online vouchers to your loved ones. Just Buy Lyca Vouchers and put their mail id so that they will get your gift where they are.

Lycamobile UK Online Top Up

Here you can get all the queries and FAQS related to the Online TOP-UP. Many customers facing these hurdles, So that’s why I need to answer all of these queries so that you will easily top up your lycamobile number in the UK.

How to top up my lycamobile UK number?

There is two way for this query.

  • Text *131* on the mobile number where you want to top up.
  • Enter the code with # and press the send option.
  • On the second method you just need to call 321 or #92 on the mobile and follow the instruction by the lycamobile care customer center.
  • Enter the code with #.

How to Check Lycamobile Remaining Balance

Just call 321 and listen to your balance, if you are out from United Kingdom (UK) just call +44 6886 4004 321 and listen to your remaining balance.

How long Lycamobile Call credit valid for?

Well, your lycamobile  UK top-up has no expiry date, but you need to active code within 90 days of purchase. Lycamobile will deactivate your SIM Card if you didn’t use it for 90 days.

How to Top Up if You are Out of UK?

Just call +44 6886 4004 321 and follow the instruction for online top up.

How to Contact the Lycamobile Customer Service?

  • Call 322 from your number.
  • Call 0207 231 0322 from your landline number or any other network.
  • Call +44 6886 4004 321 if you are out of the UK.
  • Email  [email protected].


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