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Lycamobile Romania Data Bundles € 2.00-€ 2.50

Here we have another country bundles, Lycamobile is working in Romania with the best plans. This time we are going describe Lycamobile Romania Data Bundles with complete detail.

Lycamobile Romania Data Bundles

Data XXS Lycamobile Romania Bundle

Data XXS Lycamobile Romania Bundles has the best price mobile internet. You can get 200 MB national data with EU Roaming at the price of € 2.00 only for 1-day validation.

Offer Data XXS
Mobile Internet 200MB
Price € 2.00
Validation 1 Day

Terms and condition

The mentioned speed is maximumly estimated and promoted for the mobile internet access service and is differentiated for the technology tip, according to the coverage parts of the Lycamobile network.

Technology 3G 2G
Download Speed  8mb/s 128kb/s
Upload Speed 16mb/s 128kb/s

Lycamobile does not guarantee or minimum data traffic speed for the generation of mobile networks. A customer can purchase up to four plans each month. Each plan has its own expiry date.

Lycamobile Data XS for Romania Bundle

In this lycamobile Romania Data XS bundle you can get 300 MB for 30 days validity only on € 2.50. There is one thing that noticed lyca is providing EU Roaming.

Plan Data XS
National Data 300MB
EU Roaming  
Price € 2.50
Validity 30 days


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