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How to calculate soccer betting money This is the issue that many bettors have been most concerned about recently. Many new players wonder how to calculate the most accurate and complete bets. Knowing that, today Nha cai new88 will synthesize calculations for new recruits to quickly integrate into the online betting community.

Why do you need to know how to calculate soccer betting money?

New recruits are struggling to know how to calculate soccer bets and only rely on the automatic features of today’s bookmakers. This is extremely disadvantageous and causes you to lose money unjustly. Therefore, when you supplement your knowledge of calculation when participating in betting, it will bring many of the following advantages:

  • Know how much you win and lose to make more informed decisions in the next games.
  • Bettors can easily distinguish the safety of the house when compared to the automatic feature
  • Be more confident in yourself and make accurate decisions when applying football betting methods.
  • Prevent players from taking unnecessary risks, especially in cases of being cheated by the house.

Top 3 extremely accurate ways to calculate soccer betting money

Each specific case will have a different calculation method. Below, new88 will share with you the detailed calculation method, specifically as follows:

How to calculate Asian handicap

Asian Handicap, also known as handicap, has quite complicated gameplay but has accounted for the highest proportion of participants in recent years. The way to calculate the money for this soccer bet is based on the player’s bet on the house. Depending on different cases, there will be different calculation methods:

  • If you win both: Winning amount = original amount x winning odds ratio.
  • If you win half (win 50% of the bet): Winning Money = (odds x bet)/2.
  • ┬áIf you lose all: Loss = bet amount.
  • If you lose half (lose 50% of your bet): Loss = (bet x odds)/2

How to calculate football betting money for over/under odds

Over/under betting is the ideal choice for beginners. How to read over/under football odds and how to calculate money is quite easy that anyone can easily learn. The cases in Asian handicap are all in this handicap. Therefore, if you master how to calculate the handicap as we shared above, you will quickly calculate the over/under bet.

How to calculate European handicap details

With a large number of participating players, European handicap is chosen by many people. Accordingly, the detailed way to calculate soccer betting money in this bet is as follows:
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  • In case of winning all: Winning amount = bet amount x odds
  • In case of total loss: Loss = bet amount.

Experience playing soccer betting to get rich quickly

Besides mastering how to calculate soccer betting money, you also need to know a few playing tips to increase your chances of winning. new88 will share with bettors a few ways to always win on soccer betting and you will definitely not be disappointed:

  • You clearly understand the rules of the game and the terminology of the bets you intend to participate in such as handicap, half win, draw, etc. This is considered the most basic factor that everyone needs to know to be able to win bets.
  • Research the match carefully before placing money so you can make highly accurate judgments. Normally, there is information about the match that must be considered including: players, confrontation history, form, position on the rankings,…
  • Analyzing the odds offered by the bookmaker is a good playing experience applied by many players. They often give high or low rates relative to the likelihood of accuracy. If you want to be sure, take notes to avoid mistakes.
  • Choosing a reputable bookmaker for soccer betting is an extremely important factor if you want to bring in huge bonuses. Make sure that the playground is truly safe, transparent, and has clear legal documents. new88 is one of the top choices of many gamers that you can refer to.

Notes to remember when calculating money for soccer betting

It can be seen that calculating money for soccer betting is not difficult. However, everyone also needs to know a few notes to avoid unnecessary mistakes that lead to losing bets:

  • Read clearly the rules of the house you will play in and do not impose the rules of one place on another.
  • Every bookmaker’s method of calculating money is 100% the same, so you need to understand the formula for the most accurate calculation.
  • To avoid confusion when calculating bets, you need to clearly distinguish between bets.


So, with the above sharing, surely you already know how to calculate money for soccer betting, right? Even if you are new to betting, you can easily calculate it by reading the above article. What are you waiting for? Quickly access it new88 Feel free to freely experience attractive bets and reveal your calculating talent right now.


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